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iPhone, Android, Smart Phone Webcam Covers  - camJAMR Basic Pack

camJAMR™ Basic Pack

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Regular Price: $9.99

Special Price $4.99

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Quick Overview

This pack may be basic, but its one of our top selling webcam privacy covers! The camJAMR™ Basic Pack includes 17 camera privacy covers. These webcam covers are completely white, and work great with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Macbook, Xbox, Amazon Kindle, Wii U and many other devices!
camJAMR™ webcam covers are removable, reusable, durable and safe.
Protect Your Privacy With Style!



Webcam Privacy Covers for Laptops, Tablets and Phones! camJAMR™ - Basic Pack

The camJAMR™ Basic Pack comes with 17 white web camera privacy covers that work great Apple devices and many other electronics! The pack includes 9 large webcam covers for laptops, tablets, and larger webcams. It also includes 8 smaller camJAMR webcam privacy covers for use on cell phones and other small webcams.

What is a camJAMR™ webcam cover? 

Our product is a removable, reusable, durable, and safe web camera lens cover that fits iMac, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, Smart TV's, Xbox and more!

It's NOT some ordinary sticker. 
Each camJAMR™ pack is the size of a business card and includes 12+ varying sized webcam lens covers to fit all devices.

FACT: Web enabled cameras ("webcams") can be hacked into, allowing cyber criminals to watch you in the privacy of your home/bedroom. camJAMR™ webcam covers are 100% effective at preventing un-authorized webcam access.

- Protect yourself from cyber spies and criminals by covering your web camera(s).
- Protect yourself from "Sextortion" as seen in Miss Teen USA news story.
- Protect your kids from predators that could be spying on them in the privacy of your home.

Online Security Tips: 
- Cover Your Webcam Lens With a camJAMR™ webcam cover/sticker. 
- Don't Use Sticky Notes To Cover Your Web Camera: They Fall Off After A Short Period Of Time.
- Don't Use Tape To Cover Your Web Camera: It Can Damage Your Web Camera Lens, or Leave Reside Behind.



1. Clean area around your webcam lens.

2. Bend back the tab (on the top) of the camJAMR™ until it lays flat

3. Grab camJAMR™ tab and remove camJAMR™ webcam cover from the pack.

4. Gently place camJAMR™ over webcam lens, leaving the tab slightly lifted.

5. You are now protected. To remove or reposition your camJAMR™, simply grab the tab, then stick it to the side of your webcam lens. You can also stick the camJAMR™ back onto the original pack.

Note: Do not stick your camJAMR™ webcam cover to a dirty surface. If your camJAMR™ becomes dirty, remove it and clean your device, then stick a new camJAMR™ over your webcam lens. 


While every attempt has been made to insure that the product will not mar, deface or otherwise damage the surface to which it is attached, in no event shall camJAMR L.L.C. be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use of misuse of its products.

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Protect Your Privacy With Style.
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