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Cyber Security News - Reasons To Cover Your Webcam

If you don't already cover the camera on your laptop, tablet and smart phone, you will soon..


DailyMail - Mother horrified when she realizes her eight-year-old daughters' Houston bedroom was being livestreamed to the world after webcam hack - View Article

TechloMedia - Here is why you should cover your webcam when not in use - View Article

BetaNews - WikiLeaks: CIA's Dumbo project can hack webcams and corrupt recordings - View Article

International Business Times - New release shows how CIA hacks and steals video streams - View Article

Fortune - New Details Emerge About Scary Apple Mac Threat Fruitfly - View Article

Mashable - For $28, you can hack into a stranger's internet-enabled webcam- View Article

MEtro - Is someone watching you through your webcam?- View Article

Silicon Republic - Lights, camera, hack! Is your webcam spying on you? - View Article

WikiLeaks - The CIA is using popular TVs, smartphones and cars to spy on their owners - View Article

UPROXX - Pope Francis Covers His Webcam In Order To Avoid Hackers - View Article

Fox News - Hacked webcams: Is your home next? - View Article

NBC News - Russian Webcam Hackers Spy on Bedrooms and Offices - View Article

CBS News - Is someone spying on you through your webcam? - View Article

Sky News - - View Article

The Guardian - UK moves to shut down Russian hackers streaming live British webcam footage - View Article

BBC - Webcams taken over by hackers, charity warns - View Article

DailyMail - How 'home hackers' spy on you and your children... with YOUR webcam- View Article - Webcam hackers can spy on you in secret - View Article - Facebook Patches Webcam Vulnerability After Receiving Hacker Tip - View Article

ABC News - Women Watched Through Their Own Webcams - View Video

CBS News - Protecting Yourself From Webcam Hackers - View Article

CBS News - Pennslyvania High School uses webcam to spy on student - View Article

Washington Times - New software uses smartphone camera for spying - View Article

CBS News - Hacker gets 6-year sentence for 'sextortion' - View Article

Fox News - Are you being spied on through your electronics? - View Video

Fox News - Report: CIA to spy on Americans using household items - View Video

The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say) - View Article - Are Hackers Peering Through Your Laptop Webcam? - View Article

Think it cant happen to you?  It is a LOT easier than you think. - View Article

Hacker arrested for spying on school girls via their webcams. - View Article

The Truth About Webcam Hacking – Special Review - View Article

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