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Help Us Raise Awareness

Help Us Raise Awareness. For Breast Cancer. For Cyber Peeping.

FACT: "Cyber Peepers" target women more often than men. Stay educated and stay protected.

camJAMR Webcam Covers / Online Privacy Stickers / Camera Blockers

Using various techniques, "cyber peepers" install hidden malware on millions of computers around the world. This allows them to remotely turn on your webcam and/or microphone without you ever knowing it..

Most "camfecting" programs will take a picture from your device every few seconds, allowing the cyber criminal to save the images for later review. 

If you ever get dressed in your room with your laptop open, or have a cell phone or tablet with a camera facing up - your bedroom actions could become public exposure, as seen in the recent Miss Teen USA "sextorition" case.

If your webcam isn't in use, ALWAYS keep it covered.
Click Here To Read How Miss Teen USA's Webcam Was Hacked...


Cover Your Webcam(s). A Stranger Could Be Recording You.

Your phone, laptop, tablet and gaming system can all be used to spy on you.

camJAMR Webcam Covers / Online Privacy Stickers / Camera Blockers

There is no such thing as a 100% secure device. Physically blocking your camera lens is the only 100% sure way to know someone isn't watching you through your webcam.

There could be spyware on any of your devices, silently capturing pictures without you ever knowing it. The scary thing is, once these pictures are taken, they could be permanently uploaded to the internet.

You don't want to have to deal with a cyber creep blackmailing you with webcam footage. Protect your online privacy and physically cover your webcam(s).

We offer TONS of styles to choose from.
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Join our mission to give the world its privacy back!

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camJAMR Webcam Covers / Online Privacy Stickers / Camera Blockers

Every new follower means we are one step closer to a safer, and more secure online community!

Join Us: Together, we can help eliminate the threat of webcam hacking.

Help share our mission, and raise awareness for breast cancer! We want to empower women to protect their online privacy at all times!

For just $5.95 or less, you can have enough camJAMRs for your cell phone, laptop, tablet, gaming system and much more!

camJAMR™ Webcam Covers = Peace of Mind. Protect Your Privacy With Style.

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