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"There are two advantages that camJAMR offers over eyebloc. It can block the dual cameras that are common on smartphones and tablets.
Plus the stickers will fit under a case, and won’t stop a laptop lid from fully closing."
- The Washington Post


  • "Simple and them! Easy to use, easy to remove, multiple sizes and replacements. Very good value" Gail -
  • "Just what you need to cover the cameras on your iPad and Macbook Pro! Eliminates the sticky residue left after using electrical tape! Love it and it's perfect for the job!" Danette -
  • "Hard to find webcam cover that works without leaving a residue! Multiple sizes, quick ship, quality, durable, reusable, works!" George -
  • DURABLE & SAFE 100% Safe for use on laptops, tablets, smart phones & much more!
  • NO RESIDUESpecially designed adhesive leaves your device squeaky clean!
  • REMOVABLE Remove your camJAMR™ from your webcam lens when needed!
  • REUSABLERe-Stick your camJAMR™ over your webcam hundreds of times!
  • DISCREETSome of our webcam covers blend in so well, you will barely even notice them!
  • <1mm THINcamJAMRs are designed to fit on all devices, including MacBook Air.
  • CUSTOMIZABLEWant a custom order? Contact our team and we will be glad to help you out!
camJAMR Webcam Privacy Covers - Youtube Video
    Each camJAMR™ pack is the size of a business card & includes varying sized Webcam Covers to fit any Laptop, Mac, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Smart TV, Xbox Kinect and much more!
Webcam Cover Sale - 2017 Summer Sale
  • FACT: Your Webcam could be secretly RECORDING you
    A simple click from a bad email, visiting untrustworthy websites, or even having chat programs running on your computer could allow a "cyber peeper" to spy on you through your electronics. Your laptop, tablet, phone and many other devices could be recording you, its happening all over the world....
camJAMR Webcam Covers - Protect Your Privacy Online
  • Have Questions? I bet you're wondering "What the heck is a camJAMR??"

    Don't worry, all the information you need is here. Take some time to look around!
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Webcam Covers - Web Camera Hacking - Recent News - camJAMR
  • RECENT NEWS Catch up with the LATEST NEWS stories about webcam hacking, "cyber peeping", & "sextortion"...

    Cover your webcam to block access to your camera!
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