"There are two advantages that camJAMR offers over eyebloc. It can block the dual cameras that are common on smartphones and tablets. Plus the stickers will fit under a case, and won’t stop a laptop lid from fully closing."
- The Washington Post

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Introducing camJAMR™ Webcam Covers.

Webcam indicator lights can be disabled & security software is beaten everyday.
Each camJAMR™ is 100% effective at blocking unauthorized web camera footage. Cover ALL of your web camera lenses!


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What is a camJAMR™ webcam cover?

A camJAMR™ is a removable, reusable, and safe Web Camera Lens Cover.
It's NOT some ordinary sticker
Each camJAMR™ pack is the size of a business card and includes varying sizes to fit a computer, laptop, Mac, Kindle, iPhone, iPadSmart TV, Xbox One (or Kinect) and more!

Online Security Tip:

Stick a camJAMR™ Webcam Cover over your web enabled camera to prevent un-authorized webcam footage.

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Cover ALL Web Enabled Camera Lenses!

Cover your web camera lens with a camJAMR Webcam Cover
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Dont cover your web camera with sticky notes
CamJAMR Webcam Covers - Special Offers
Dont cover your web camera with tape
CamJAMR Webcam Covers - Special Offers
Dont cover your web camera with band aids
CamJAMR Webcam Covers - 99 cent shipping

Strangers can SPY on you in the privacy of your own home! Protect Your Online Privacy With Style...


A camJAMR™ webcam cover pack comes with 12 web camera lens covers (designed for laptops, iphones, ipads, computers, tv's, xbox and more. 

camJAMR™ currently offers 13 different webcam cover packs. Stay tuned for new arrivals.

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Webcam Covers for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Macbook, and more! camJAMR - Basic Pack

Introducing the camJAMR™ Basic Pack!
Fits great on apple webcams and camera lenses(Mac Book, iPhone, iPad, iMac). Also works great with many other white devices!
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 Xbox One, Amazon Kindle Pro and many other devices! camJAMR - Covert Pack

NEW! camJAMR™ Covert Pack
Includes with 12 "Blacked Out" web camera lens covers.
Perfect for Xbox One, Amazon Kindle Pro and many other devices.
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Webcam Covers / Stickers for Laptops, Cell Phones, Tablets, Smart TV's, Xbox and more! camJAMR - Rocker Pack

Block Your Tablet Webcam(s)
The camJAMR Rocker Pack is one of our best sellers.
ONLY $4.99!
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Research shows secret webcam surveillance is possible. - The Washington Post

"Your laptop's Webcam has a light that's supposed to turn on any time the camera does. But research shows it's possible for hackers to disable the light."
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Solving the Webcam hacking problem with a smart adhesive - The Washington Post

"For those looking for security without the gunk of duct tape, camJAMR is an option."
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"Sextortion" and Miss Teen USA.
Parents, we need a Cyberhood Watch - csmonitor.com

"It’s time for parents to form a Cyberhood Watch. We need to get the word out to parents that our kids need our protection not only when they are online, but when cameras in their laptops, tablets, and smart phones might be watching them without their or our consent."
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